managing e-waste
  since 1995

Energy Consulting

  We conceived and executed a two year citywide energy efficiency project funded by the Department of Energy for Mountain Park, GA. Wrote ARRA grant proposal securing maximum funding of $300,000 and guided city officials through implementation, performing major energy efficiency upgrades on 1/4 of the homes in the city and two city buildings.

Program recognized as statewide 'Success Story' for financial incentive programs (FIP's) by Georgia Environmental Finance Authority. Presented overview of project at the 2012 Greenprints Conference at the Georgia Tech Research Institute.

Zentech's Atlanta recycling center ran on 100% solar electric power from August 1 2005 through May 2006.  We designed and built the 'power plant' from 100% recycled equipment, from the photovoltaic (PV) array to every inverter, battery and wire.  We were the first business in Georgia to run on 100% solar power. 

Check out the work done by our neighbor Rocky Buldo of Lighting Energy Depot. Rocky has integrated a 24 volt DC solar powered microgrid into his home, running all essential services from lighting to security, telecom and computer and entertainment systems on a self-regenerating battery backup system. Solar hot water further lessens Rocky's grid-dependence.

'Clean coal' technology

Interested in clean coal technology?  Coal gasification is a viable alternative to traditional coal-fired power plants with drastically lower emissions, higher efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.
  It does nothing about the environmental devastation caused by coal mining techniques, but it does clean up the power plant and improve efficiency

Nuclear 'renaissance'

The nuclear power industry is poised for a rebirth after decades of dormancy.  We need to carefully consider the facts and myths about nuclear power to guide this process.

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